Frequently Asked Questions

Epperson Lagoon - Wesley Chapel

Will people living outside of Epperson be allowed to use the lagoon?

The developer has not finalized all the rules just yet. They plan on selling day passes to the public when it first opens. This is only a temporary plan that should be phased out as the community grows and has enough residents to support the lagoon on its own.

What is the average home cost?
Homes will be starting in the low $200’s! The low cost is just one of the many unique and amazing benefits that Epperson has to offer!

Is there HOA information?

Please contact me for more information Epperson’s HOA fees.

Who should I contact for more information?

Me of course! I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about Epperson and also help you decide on which builder is the best builder for you when you are ready to join this amazing community. I provide a personal experience when looking for a new home. We can discuss other option or ideas you may have as well. I am here to help!

Where is Epperson

Epperson is located North of St. Rd. 54 on Curley Road in Wesley Chapel.


What about Wildlife getting in the lagoon?

With living in Florida we know that alligators are a concern when you are talking about a body of water. The lagoons are set up in a way to detract wildlife including gators. There will be a fence around the lagoon area, but we have all seen videos and know alligators can climb fences. If an alligator does get into the water there are two things that will happen. First, you would be able to see it (it’s crystal clear water) and Pasco County’s wildlife control would come and relocate the gator. Second, there is no food supply for wildlife in the lagoon. If a snake did happen to get into the lagoon it would not stay there as there is absolutely no food for them. It would either move on or die from starvation. People often also question whether birds cause issues with any of the Crystal Lagoons. Birds have not been a problem at any of the other lagoons. The developers are not sure why they are not attracted to the lagoons but some speculate it could be from the ultra sonic pulses in the filtration system. Other lagoons have not had any major issue with wildlife so you can rest assured you will be able to enjoy Epperson’s lagoon without worrying about wildlife becoming a major hazard.

How will the lagoon stay clean if someone puts something in it they shouldn’t?

The lagoon uses an automated process based on pulses and ultra sonic filtration which make it consume only 2% of the energy needed by regular filtration systems. Its 400 plus sensors will be located throughout the lagoon to monitor the chemistry of the water. If for example, the PH is low in a certain area of the lagoon then it will be injected through the sensor with the exact amount needed to correct the imbalance. Worst case scenario, If someone does put something in the lagoon that shouldn’t be there the lagoon will be clean in a matter of 10-15 minutes. Much faster than a typical resort pool.

Will I be able to use my own water sports gear? ie: kayaks, snorkels, peddle boat etc.

Yes, you will be able to use your own gear but please keep in mind that you will have to have a place to store them in your new home. For example, Epperson’s HOA restrictions would not allow kayaks to be stored in your front yard but you would be able to hang them in your garage without any issues.

Do you need more information about Epperson? Contact me today to see how I can assist in the purchase of your new home.