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Crystal Lagoon - Epperson, Wesley Chapel

This Lagoon is going to be A – MAZ – ING!

Maybe you haven’t heard but there is going to be a new community in Wesley Chapel called Epperson and it’s going to have a seven acre lagoon. Yes, seven acres of crystal clear water!

Are you looking for information about the 7 acre lagoon being built. Well look no farther. I have all the latest information.

First let’s talk about the history of these Lagoons

The lagoons were started by Fernando Fishman in Chile. He wanted to build a resort on the beach but there was one major problem with this idea; the beach was unsafe. As a solution to this problem the first Crystal Lagoon was created. The lagoon he would build would later become one of the most successful projects in Chile and be replicated all over the world.

The Technology

The Crystal Lagoons have patented technology that keep costs down and the water clean.  Crystal Lagoons has over 1000 patents! The lagoon uses an automated process based on pulses and ultra sonic filtration which make it consume only 2% of the energy needed by regular filtration systems. Its 400 plus sensors will be located throughout the lagoon to monitor the chemistry of the water. If for example, the PH is low in a certain area of the lagoon then it will be injected through the sensor with the exact amount needed to correct the imbalance. This new technology allows the lagoons to use only 1% of the chemicals that a traditional pool would use. No chlorine smell when you get done swimming!

Environmental Sustainable

The lagoon will initially be filled with water bought in bulk from Pasco County. After that it will utilize primarily rain water and use well or purchased water as needed. The lagoons have an evaporation control that is used so it requires less water added than a pool. The lagoons use 30 times less water than a traditional golf course and 50% less than a park at the same size!

Fun in the Sun!

In Wesley Chapel the Epperson community’s lagoon is built for fun for all ages. From babies to Seniors!

  • An entertainment/activities area with a beach like entrance into the lagoon. There will be a grassy knoll covered by sun sails and a large stage area. The stage will host concerts and other performing activities as well as house a large television screen.
  • A swim up bar / restaurant.
  • Gaspirilla Island – a great beach island with chairs and hammocks. Also, a shallow area for the little ones.
  • Cabana area – a lagoon surrounded by cabanas with a pavilion in the middle with a stage and television for day and night entertainment.
  • The Grotto – a waterfall to kayak too. By land it will be a fantastic spot for wedding pictures!
  • Sunset Beach – Named for its gorgeous view of the Florida sunsets.
  • Gateway Cove – another beach option for the family!
  • Education – swim lesson, yoga, scuba diving and more!
  • Man powered water sports and playgrounds – kayaking, paddle boarding, peddle boat, snorkeling, slides, trampolines and so much more!

Fun Facts

  • A football field is .90 acres so the lagoon will be over the size of 7 football fields!
  • The lagoon is 30 times bigger than an Olympic size pool.
  • 9 communities with lagoons are planned in the state of Florida. The one in Epperson will be the first to completion.
  • The deepest section of the lagoon will be 8 ft. deep.

With so much to offer, this community is selling fast. The first set of homes is sold out but another set of 30 lots will be released soon! If you would like more information about this location or any other please contact me ASAP! I will be happy to answer any questions you may have and also help you decide on which builder is the best builder for you when you are ready to join this amazing community.

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ULTRAFi Logo - Epperson - Wesley Chapel

If you have read some of the news articles on Epperson’s Connected City in Wesley Chapel then you have probably heard the term ULTRAFi. But what is ULTRAFi? In short it is a technology that provides the fastest internet and Wi-Fi speeds in North America.

ULTRAFi is the base behind the Connected City. This community will be the first of its kind where every homeowner will have ULTRAFi. This gigabit technology will help you in many ways. Streaming video lagging will be a thing of the past. No more waiting for pages to load on the internet. Downloads will occur in an instant regardless of the number of people using it in your home.

The HOA fees include at least 35/35Mbps (a measure of data transfer speed, higher Mbps means faster download and upload times) of speed with the possibility to go up to 1000/1000 (for an additional fee).

Please contact me to find out exactly what internet speed will be provided by your HOA. All homes in Epperson also come equipped with a router PLUS extra access points throughout your home to provide broader coverage.

The Connected City is the way of the future and it is all starting right her in Wesley Chapel, Florida!

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