Why use a Realtor?

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Building a new home is exciting and can be fun. You get to pick out paint colors, finishes, choose your lot, etc. . It’s not all fun though.  When It comes to the part of the process where  the construction needs followed up on or other issues arise you want someone on your side.  My job is to be that person and to ensure the process stays on track while shepherding you through the home buying experience. Here are just a few of the many ways I do that.

I Represent the Buyer and Not the Builder

Each builder has their own sales team and/or site agent, stationed at their model home. The site agent represents the builder and are there to sell their employer’s homes. Their one and only goal is to see you buy one of their homes. Now, this doesn’t mean they are bad people or even that they would steer you in the wrong direction. My job on the other hand is to work for you. My goal is to help you find the perfect home.   That home may be new construction in Epperson or an existing home in the area, it makes no difference to me. I want to know what your needs are, and then use that information to find your next home and guide you through the process of purchasing it.

No Cost to You

This is one of the biggest misconceptions clients have about Realtors. A lot of buyers whether buying a new construction home or even an existing home ask what they will have to pay to use a real estate agent. The answer is $0 as long as they start the process with them! As with the sale of any home, Real Estate fees come from the seller’s side of the transaction.  The seller essentially pays the buyer’s Realtor for bringing the buyer to them.


I counsel you through the entire process.  I am there to answer any questions you may have and provide assistance along the way.  We work together from the beginning and I stick around until the end.

Construction Oversight

Do you have questions on the construction process? Maybe you are considering upgrading your tile and have questions. Want to know why they just sprayed something on the plywood of your new home?  Why is one part of the process lasting longer than expected?  Let me use my experience to ask the questions that home buyers often overlook during the construction process and do the leg work to track down information that you may require.  Allowing me to act as your liaison with the builder allows you to focus on other things.

If you are interested in the construction process and what to expect, be on the lookout for more fun articles coming up!

Whether you are ready to move forward or just have additional questions about Epperson feel free to contact me.

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